Who We Are:

Global Healthcare Associates is a healthcare consulting company that works with homecare agencies, community service organizations, hospital healthcare systems, hospice, Accountable Care Organizations, and others to ensure maximum efficiency, profitability and patient outcomes. The company, founded by Registered Nurse Michelle Dubner, was created to help administrators and clinical executive leaders make a difference in their communities by providing improved, more accessible care and higher quality service.

Our difference is in how we listen to our clients. We treat all of our agencies, businesses and organizations with the utmost respect, listening to their unique problems before creating a tailored solution to fit their needs. We’re here to guide you and show you the way to a more patient-centric and profitable future.

Why Our Clients Love Us:

We customize a unique agenda to fit your agency’s needs. We offer a global perspective that provides positive outcomes—not just for the patients that you work with, but for your business and your staff as well.

Our clients love us because we’re experienced within many different niches of the healthcare industry. We offer services in compliance, accreditation, quality improvement, and leadership to name a few. With Global Healthcare Associates, you know without a shadow of a doubt that you have credentialed experience working for you 24/7.

About Our CEO:

Michelle Dubner - Global Healthcare AssociatesMichelle Dubner RN, BSN is the founder and CEO of Global Healthcare Associates. As a registered nurse of over 32 years, she has hands-on experience as a homecare expert, nurse supervisor, and more recently as a Director of Patient Services. In 2005, with a wealth of administrative and clinical health experience under her belt, Michelle founded Global Healthcare Associates, which she continues to operate today.

Michelle is also a well-regarded speaker in the field of healthcare, and presents seminars across the U.S. in Home Health care, compliance, cultural competencies, team building, management, and leadership. She has also served on boards of for-profit and non-profit healthcare companies, and has been contributing as a part-time site visitor for the national accreditation company Community Healthcare Accreditation Program, Inc. for the past ten years.

About Our Staff:

Our team is dedicated, experienced, and highly professional, with decades of combined experience in the fields of healthcare administration, community health, coding, accreditation and much, much more.