The fact that CMS has announced the 2014 homecare rates which represents a cost reduction has the home care industry buzzing. This and the newly expected ICD-10 codes are enough to send any executive into a panic, however home care executives now have another worry. CMS is now expecting that all surveyors investigate agencies with new rules of interpretation using the current Federal Condition of Participation.

If you own or operate a certified home health agency you are now at risk of more strict surveys that investigate patterns within certain conditions of participation can lead to condition level deficiencies. With a condition level deficiency a provider is at risk of losing the Medicare provider number.  Once a condition level deficiency is cited you have 45-90 days to clear it. For instance; if you have had issues with having the physicians sign the plan of care within the required time frame of your state, issues with missed visits, and any other issues regarding the plan of care including the therapists participating; all of these citations fall within the plan of care section of 484.18 and you are now at risk of receiving a condition level deficiency. The new interpretation looks for a specific pattern in section 484.18. There are other specific patterns for Patient Rights (484.10), compliance with Federal, State, and local laws (484.12) etc.

If you are an accredited organization you usually pay several thousand dollars (depending upon the agency’s census) for the site visit, as well as travel with some accreditation companies.  You will also have to pay for the return site visit within 45-90 days plus you now risk losing your business.

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