Are you spending most of your time putting out fires?  Wouldn’t you prefer to have time to proactively work on your strategic plan to both increase and improve your business?   Most providers report that they are spending too much time putting out fires due to a lack of internal resources.  Having both a compliance program in place and being able to outsource important tasks to experts ensures that your operational systems are working efficiently allowing you the time you need to attend to your key business concerns.

A compliance program can be as simple as having practical and thorough policies and procedures combined with an outside consultant to perform periodic audits along with your Quality Improvement initiatives.  This not only improves efficiency and your use of resources, but an outside eye can catch things daily workers won’t see or have a tendency to be lenient on. Although some providers state they “can’t afford” outside consultants, it’s a fact that attorneys cost much more to resolve matters after the fact.

Did you know that CMS (Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services) recently proposed that Home Health Agencies pay a fee for follow up state survey visits; anywhere from $168.00 for an offsite review to $1600.00 for a site visit review?   Many opposing forces state that the surveyor now has a motive to make more money for the state and are apt to find more problems in order to charge an onsite fee.   Although this has yet to be settled in Congress, you know more than anyone else that the business of providing services is becoming more complex, and maintaining an agency’s compliance is paramount to business.

Global Healthcare Associates LLC is prepared to assist healthcare organizations with a full clinical review. As part of our compliance plan we review your clinical documentation for maximization for reimbursement and can handle administrative reviews.

We also specialize in local / state / federal / accreditation compliance requirements. With an experienced team behind you, your time to manage the business and profits all increase! Call 1-800-530-3789