Clinical Record Review

  • Avoid Heavy Fines
    Maintain operations in compliance with federal, state and accreditation requirements
  • Develop a Culture of Preparedness
    Cultivate employee awareness on how to update and maintain clinical records with detailed coaching sessions
  • Identify Actionable Data to Grow Your Business
    Learn to use clinical record data to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in your business model.

A review of your clinical records by experienced healthcare experts is a necessary step to ensure compliance with all federal, state and accreditation requirements.  However, the benefits go far beyond simple preparedness. Healthcare agencies that use clinical record reviews as analytical reports have a readily accessible set of actionable data at their disposal to improve their business model dramatically.

Global Healthcare Associates treats your clinical record reviews as a huge opportunity for your business. We can arrange for both individual and/or team conferences to educate and coach you and your staff on how to consistently improve clinical documentation. At the same time, we provide focused Quality Improvement plans that target specific patient outcomes to maximize provider-patient interactions.

Mock Surveys

  • Promote Highly Effective Teamwork Skills
    Mock Surveys prepare your team for real survey events and ensure that each member knows exactly what his or her job is.
  • Reduce Anxiety and Stress
    Surveys are stressful for both staff and management, but with the right strategy in place, stress is drastically reduced.
  • Ensure Success with Our Unique Approach
    Only after evaluating your business and creating a corrective action plan using our proprietary strategies do we begin building your mock survey.

Mock surveys allow a licensed, certified, or accredited healthcare provider to fully prepare staff and management in the case of a real survey event. These survey “dry runs” are highly effective at reducing anxiety and promoting teamwork from your staff.

Plans of Correction

  • Receive a Total Evaluation of your Business Model
    We help turn around your business and improve the level of patient care you are providing to ensure you’re back in business as fast as possible.
  • Get Expedited Assistance with your Plan of Correction
    We help you draft a highly effective and meticulous plan of correction that will convince federal, state, and accrediting authorities agencies that the problems will be solved in short order and that they do not re-occur.
  • Prepare for Auditor Visits Well in Advance
    We provide a format for you to track evidence of documentation when the auditors come back to monitor your progress in accordance with your plan of correction.

If you’ve been told by federal or state authorities that you need a plan of correction due to deficiencies or violations in your business model, Global Healthcare Associates can help. We’ll assist you with writing up an effective plan that describes how and when the corrections will be put in place. Best of all, we can begin this process with you immediately.