• Improve Patient Outcomes
    Improve Communications, Market Share, and Client Outcomes with Better, More Thorough Data
  • We perform a comprehensive organizational assessment of your company by using statistically significant data gathered from your community. This data allows us to assess patient trust levels and agency quality outcomes, and then create a strategy for overcoming community concerns in order to connect with the greatest number of patients possible.

  • Increase Market Share
    Get Optimal Results with Our Team of Credentialed and Licensed Clinicians
  • We’re the only licensed clinicians in the country that have been credentialed to perform the Clearview 360 from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. This puts us in a unique position as one of the most highly trusted cultural competence service providers in the U.S.

  • Improve Communication
    Maximize Your Team’s Communications and Ensure all Federal CLAS Standards Are Being

We make sure you’ve done everything in your power to engage with different cultures and ethnicities within your community. Not only will we assess your standing within these communities, we’ll also ensure that your division or team is meeting the CLAS (Cultural Linguistic Appropriate Skillset) federal mandate in full.

Both Dr. Greg Reid, PhD (Action Based Change) and Michelle Dubner, RN, BSN are the only licensed clinicians to become qualified assessors for both the American Medical Association’s tool the Communication Climate Assessment Toolkit (C-CAT) and the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, the Clearview360.

Their combined expertise of various operational healthcare systems, team building skills, use of sociometrics, and cultural competencies make them a powerful team to guild your organization through this process.

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The Clearview360 suite of tools was developed by researchers at Johns Hopkins and is rigorously tested and evidence-based. This is the only tool that truly gives you a 360-degree view of your organization.

GHA can use these tools to assess:

  • patient experience
  • health literacy
  • cultural competency
  • employee engagement of healthcare organizations.

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