Team Building

  • More cohesive and efficient team to improve your bottom line
  • Increase Productivity through Teamwork
  • Teamwork in the workplace is known to decrease employee stress and increase employee productivity and happiness
  • Improve Patient Outcomes with More Efficient Care
  • Building teamwork skills help both employees and management conduct daily business operations in a more streamlined way, which in turn improves the lives of your patients.
  • Internal modeling through experience exercises
  • Experiential Team-Building
  • New methods of team building, such as equine- or theatre-based models, are proving to be hugely successful. We’re on the cutting edge of these techniques.

What could your team achieve if it were moving in complete coordination rather than as many individual, moving parts? Staff retention would increase, management could be freed up to focus on company growth, and communication would become seamless. Sound impossible? It isn’t with a well-coordinated team behind you.We provide this future for healthcare companies across the U.S. with experiential team building strategies that are proving to be immensely successful. As teams become more productive and efficient, patient outcomes improve, revenue grows, and your reputation as a great healthcare provider spreads throughout your community.

Operational Efficiencies

  • Earn more by doing less.
  • Eliminate the Problems Before They Affect Your Patients or Revenue
  • We can quickly pinpoint and eliminate surface issues before they become too deeply rooted into your business model.
  • Optimize All Aspects of Your Business
  • From your employees and management to your operations, we can assist with growing your business by utilizing your resources more efficiently
  • Create Outcomes that Benefit Your Patients Above All Else
  • The goal of efficient operations is to maximize the value that you provide your patients. We provide the knowledge to get you there.

Healthcare agencies that fail to optimize are fated to spend more and more hours on less and less output. Problems accumulate, management gets spread too thin, and patient care deteriorates.The solution to this quandary is better analytical tools and more detailed reports on operational efficiencies. At Global Healthcare Associates, we identify the snags and hang-ups that are plaguing your business. We look at staff efficiency, patient outcomes and referrals to identify ways to increase the productivity of every billable hour, every patient interaction, and every staff meeting on a consistent basis.