Global Healthcare Associates is currently on retainer with my company, Agave Home Health, LLC.  They have helped me with various problems and issues from specific home health questions to human resources solutions.

Michelle Dubner has worked with Agave on several occasions by coaching me via telephone conferencing and guiding me to the best solution for several issues concerning my employees, the most recent being a human resource issue.  Ms. Dubner was readily available whenever I requested her help.  She was able to listen and decipher the issue and coach me through a very difficult situation with one particular employee.  I had several questions ranging from how to talk/respond to the employee to understanding where the employee was coming from.  Just by hearing how the employee previously responded to necessary reprimands, Ms. Dubner was able to analyze the situation and was able to guide me through the scenario culminating with a much more positive outcome than I would have been able to accomplish on my own.

Ms. Dubner met with me and after a thorough discussion I was able to understand my employee better and see the situation in a more positive light.  Using Ms. Dubner’s suggestions and input, I met with the employee and received a more favorable response from her than I would have had I attempted to continue handling my human resource issues with no input or guidance from Ms. Dubner.  Thanks to Ms. Dubner I am now able to analyze most situations on my own, using her expertise thereby providing a win-win situation not only for my company but for my employee who is now at peak performance generally with fewer mistakes.

I highly recommend Michelle Dubner to you regarding any issues that may arise whereby you would benefit from her coaching to achieve a more positive outcome to your situation.

Angela Juett, Administrator/DON , Agave Home Health, LLC
“I’ve worked closely with Michelle Dubner of Global Healthcare Associates for almost 20 years and find her and this company to be very effective and efficient professionally. I have consulted with her on many occasions to use her expertise in resolving issues concerning health care and have found her to be a creative problem-solver. She is one of the most knowledgeable individuals with which I have ever worked. I can highly recommend her with complete confidence in her abilities to resolve any problems or issues in the healthcare field.”
Betty Labbate, RN , Home Care/Hospice, New York & Florida
“Your leadership, knowledge and experience taught all of us new things, which will make us a better agency going forward. Not many people walk into my life and leave such a positive lasting impression such as you have for me.”
Rhonada Hoeppener, Administrator , A Home Care Agency in Florida
“I would recommend the mock survey to any one I now have peace of mind that I am on the right track for CHAP accreditation. Thanks! ”
Carolyn Best, Administrator , Columbus, Ohio
“All the hard work has paid off. Your participation has been invaluable.”
Mary M. Willoughby, SPHR, Director of Human Resources , Center for Disability Rights, Inc., Rochester, NY 14608